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Rainforest Projects

We would like to introduce you to the unique Rainforest of Sumatra, where wild tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans still live.

Sumatra’s 3 national parks are under incredible pressure. Despite the fact they are protected by the United Nations, we must all do our utmost to preserve this unique region.

The Rainforest and its inhabitants desperately need our help to survive. We have therefore selected 8 projects to support. You can find these projects on the homepage.

These projects concern flora, fauna and the inhabitants of the Rainforest. The support of these inhabitants is important because the inhabitants are close by and that’s why they able to protect the Rainforest. We bring knowledge, development, awareness and we will set the next generation. You can find these projects on the homepage.

Nayla updates you weekly from the office in Medan on Sumatra with current news and information about the projects. We would appreciate it very much if you would share her news via social media! We would like to involve and inform as many people as possible.

Sumatra is the 5th largest island in the world and used to be one large Rainforest. Due to tree felling and rubber and palm oil plantations, only a small section of that Rainforest still remains, divided across three national parks. These national parks contribute greatly to photosynthesis: the absorption of CO2 and supply of oxygen.

This unique region and its inhabitants must be protected from the many illegal practices. That is impossible without assistance from the western world. RFP is sponsored by many companies that recognise this need and endorse sustainability in their policies. This website informs the employees of these companies about our activities and the progress we make with their help.

We liaise with NGOs on Sumatra, SOS ( Sumatra Orangutan Society ) and OIC ( Orangutan Information Centre ) on a daily basis about the projects, which are overseen from the office in Medan. Together, we have now planted over 1,000,000 trees.

We visit the projects on Sumatra regularly. The employees who carry out incredible work on Sumatra occasionally come to Europe to visit companies and events to inform them and advocate for our cause.

The Rainforest must be protected for present and future generations. The earth and its inhabitants cannot survive without it. The United Nations recognises this and has included it as a priority in its Global Goals. If you are a company or a private individual who would like to help, please get in touch!