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The rainforests are under tremendous pressure all over the world. Huge swathes of forest are cut down, causing inconceivable harm to nature and wildlife populations.

The global climate shows us that this is not a local matter: deforestation is having tangible effects on our lives and will have an even greater effect on the lives of the generations to come.

By planting young trees, we contribute to restoring the Sumatran rainforest. Since it was launched, the Rainforest SOS campaign has planted over 1,7 million trees, with incredible and indispensable assistance from the local population. The health and wellbeing of the people of Sumatra are inextricably linked to the fate of the rainforest.Our approach consists of forging close collaborations with local communities to develop awareness and a sustainable worldview. We offer viable alternatives to the destruction of the rainforest, which yields only short-term profits. We involve the local people in educational programmes to teach them how to treat the rainforest responsibly and how to prevent damaging nature and wildlife.

We participate in different projects that contribute to the preservation of the rainforest and support the local communities in the restoration and protection of orangutan habitats.

The Rainforest is the longs of the world and is a major contributor to the global reduction of the Co2 problem.

The rainforest needs us, just as we need the rainforest. Help us preserve the rainforest for ourselves and for the coming generations – your children, your grandchildren

Earth needs the Rainforest just like us, this NASA movie makes it all clear: