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With Rainforest Projects You contribute to a better climate and a cleaner environment. With our projects we help the local population to protect the animals and their habitat. We do this through various projects in Tanzania and on Sumatra. Also bears Rainforest Projects to reduce CO2 emissions. Every organization can help.

We support a better living environment by planting new trees and preserving existing forest. Trees all over the world provide the oxygen we breathe. The trees on Sumatra are also home to the protected orangutans. In Tanzania, reforestation provides new jobs and opportunities for the population. Help create a cleaner environment for people and animals with in a sustainable way Rainforest Projects. Also contribute to a healthy future!

Rainforest Projects is an initiative of Beautiful Cups.

Rainforest Projects in brief

Tanzania: Mpingo Community & Development Initiative (MCDI)

MCDI guides the residents of 40 villages with sustainable forest management according to the FSC standards. The proceeds from the sustainable trade in wood go to the villages and are used for education, care and agriculture, among other things.


Sumatra: Sumatran Orangutang Society (SOS)

SOS protects the Sumatran orangutans, their living environment and future. Sumatran orangutans are seriously threatened with extinction and will die out if nothing is done.



Our colleagues report from Tanzania and from Sumatra and keep you informed of the latest news!

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